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Kroot Flesh Shaper

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T’au Empire: Kroot Flesh Shaper


A fearsome Kroot leader for your T’au Empire army.

Geared to get up close and personal, with a scattergun and a pair of ritualistic blades.

Inspires nearby Kroot to greater acts of butchery and feasting.

This multipart plastic kit builds a Kroot Flesh Shaper, a fearsome leader for the Kroot forces employed by the T’au Empire. The Flesh Shaper brandishes a pair of ritualistic butcher’s blades for carving up carefully-chosen prey, and keeps a Kroot scattergun slung over their back in a holster. They are draped in the grisly charms of their art, ranging from strung bones and spare blades to meat hooks and a Kroot skull.

This kit comprises 8 plastic components and a Citadel 32mm Round Base. This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly

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