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Shroud Runners

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Aeldari: Shroud Runners


A swift and stealthy Fast Attack choice for your Aeldari army

Snipe enemy leaders from atop advanced jetbikes

Can be built with Ranger helmets or bare heads

This kit builds three Shroud Runners – jetbike-mounted scouts that excel at disrupting enemy lines with their Ranger long rifles and scatter lasers. Options are included to construct riders in alternate poses – one pillion rider can be built firing a shuriken pistol or looking through binoculars, while one pilot can be assembled aiming a shuriken pistol or throwing an Aeldari tracking device as they steer their bike. The kit also comes with a choice of 4 Ranger helmets, 3 unhelmeted male heads and 2 unhelmeted female heads.

This set comprises 100 plastic components, and is supplied with 3x 60mm Citadel Flying Bases as well as 1x Aeldari Transfer Sheet which includes 369x decals. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly

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