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Legions Imperialis: Stormhammers


Two epic scale Solar Auxilia Stormhammers for games of Legions Imperialis

Unleash the power of a mobile fortress, with a choice of sponson broadsides

Enormous and intimidating heavy tanks for Solar Auxilia armies

This multipart plastic kit builds two epic scale Solar Auxilia Stormhammers, super-heavy tanks for the battlefields of Legions Imperialis. Each vehicle sports an explosive Stormhammer cannon with a co-axial multi-laser on its turret, as well as a lascannon and dual battlecannon mounted on its hull. They also boast a broadside of sponson-mounted weapons – either multi-lasers or lascannons. The kit includes cosmetic build options for each tank’s cupola, allowing you to customise your vehicles with gunners, spotters, closed hatches, and other crew.

The set includes:

– 2x Stormhammers
– 1x Legions Imperialis Solar Auxilia Vehicle Transfer Sheet, containing 288 waterslide transfers

This kit comprises 102 plastic components and a transfer sheet. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly

Rules for using Auxilia Stormhammer Squadrons in your games of Legions Imperialis can be found in Legions Imperialis: The Great Slaughter, which is available separately.

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