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Sicaran Squadron

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Legions Imperialis: Sicaran Squadron


Four epic scale Legiones Astartes Sicaran Tanks for use in games of Legions Imperialis

Crunch across the battlefield on armoured tracks to deliver your deadly cargo

Gun down any who may threaten your advance with a choice of offensive weaponry

This multipart plastic kit builds four epic scale Legiones Astartes Sicaran tanks, swift war machines that terrorise the battlefields of Legions Imperialis. Each tank can be built with twin-linked accelerator autocannons or an omega plasma array mounted on its turret, and has a pair of sponson-mounted guns on its sides – either heavy bolters or lascannons. You can further customise your squadron with a choice of gunner, spotter, or closed hatch atop each cupola. The turrets even offer glueless assembly, allowing you to adjust each tank’s aim mid-battle.

The set includes:

– 4x Sicaran tanks
– 1x Legions Imperialis Legion Vehicle Transfer Sheet, containing 1118 waterslide transfers

This kit comprises 104 plastic components and a transfer sheet. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly

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