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Legion Fast Attack

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Legions Imperialis: Legion Fast Attack


18 bases of epic scale Legiones Astartes bikes and anti-grav skimmers for use in games of Legions Imperialis

Quickly engage and harass enemy lines with Outrider bikes and Scimitar Jetbikes

Unleash rapid bursts of speed and deadly firepower with Land Speeders and Javelins

This multipart plastic kit builds 32 epic scale Legiones Astartes miniatures, split over 18 bases, for your games of Legions Imperialis. You’ll find hovering Javelins and smaller Land Speeders with a variety of weaponry, alongside Outrider bikers and Scimitar jetbikes. Unleash these fast-moving attack assets to outflank your opponent and bring effective firepower to where it’s least expected.

The set includes 32 miniatures, split across the following:

– 4x Legion Outrider bases
– 6x Scimitar Jetbike bases
– 2x Land Speeders with heavy flamer and multi-melta
– 2x Land Speeders with plasma cannon and heavy bolter
– 4x Legion Javelins, each with the following weapon options:
– 2x sponson-mounted lascannons
– 2x sponson-mounted cyclone missile launchers

This kit comprises 132 plastic components and comes with 10x Legions Imperialis 32mm bases and 10x Legions Imperialis 25mm bases. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly

Rules for using these miniatures in your games of Legions Imperialis can be found in Legions Imperialis: The Great Slaughter, which is available separately.

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