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Deathworlder (PB)

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Deathworlder (PB)


An action-packed, jungle-based Astra Militarum Warhammer 40,000 Novel

Catachan Jungle Fighters of the Astra Militarum face a voracious force of invading tyranids

Written by Victoria Hayward

An Astra Militarum Novel

On a planet trapped in the closing jaws of the Great Devourer, Major Wulf Khan of the Catachan 903rd receives a final, desperate mission – one which will take her soldiers into the maw of the tyranid threat.


It’s a chance to see the Catachan Jungle Fighters in action on a planet almost as deadly as their homeworld. Dive into their gripping battle for survival as they face a voracious force of invading tyranids.


Lazulai is a world beyond the brink, its battle against the tyranids all but lost. Once-magnificent cities lie in ruin. The seas boil. The skies crack. Horrific alien bioforms devour. In mere days the planet will be consumed.

The 903rd Catachan ‘Night Shrikes’ defend one of the last fortresses still standing. Led by Major Wulf Khan, to die fighting is all that is expected of them… until she is given one last mission: to lead a squad through the apocalypse and recover a piece of archeotech that may doom or deliver the entire Lazulai System.

Facing impossible odds and zero hope for aid, the major must hold her squad together as they pick their way through an endless xenos jungle. The enemy is merciless, relentless, endlessly adaptable and formidably resourceful… but so too is Khan.

Written by Victoria Hayward.

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