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Delaque Gang Tactics Cards (SECOND EDITION)

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Necromunda: Delaque Gang Tactics Cards



Expand your House Delaque schemes and tricks with this set of 26 reference cards

Includes 18 House Delaque Gang Tactics cards, to keep your rules handy

Plus eight blank Fighter cards for tracking key members of your gang

This pack contains 26 cards to keep your games of Necromunda running smoothly, and bring the plots and tricks of House Delaque to bear on your rivals.

Included within are 18 Delaque Gang Tactics cards unique to the House of Shadow, as well as eight blank Fighter cards for tracking your gang members.

This box contains 26x cards (100mm x 75mm) for use in games of Necromunda:
– 18x Delaque Gang Tactics cards, which detail tactics for the exclusive use of House Delaque gangs
– 8x blank Fighter cards, perfect for the Champions and Leaders in your gang deck, each stamped with the House of Shadow crest

You will need a copy of Necromunda: House of Shadow and the Necromunda: Core Rulebook, both available separately, to use this card pack in your games of Necromunda.

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