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Veletaris Storm Section

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Solar Auxilia: Veletaris Storm Section


10 elite, heavily armoured shock troops for Solar Auxilia armies

Equip your veteran warriors with searing volkite chargers, or send them into melee with deadly storm axes

Upgrade your Storm Section with command gear and a highly customisable Veletarii Prime

This multipart plastic kit builds a Veletaris Storm Section of 10 Veletarii, elite Solar Auxilia shock troops clad in reinforced void armour. These soldiers can each be equipped with devastating volkite chargers for incinerating targets with thermal beams, or two-handed storm axes that can slice clean through the toughest foes. You can mix-and-match arm and body poses for both weapon types, offering loads of visual variety as your cohort expands.

The kit also includes command gear to outfit your Storm Section with a proud Auxilia vexilla, a vox interlock, and a Veletarii Prime with a plumed helmet, alternative chestplate, and loads of extra weaponry – a power fist, power sword, charnabal tabar, or ceremonial blade, as well as a blast pistol, needle pistol, plasma pistol, or hand flamer.

This kit comprises 184 plastic components, 10x Citadel 25mm Round Bases, and a Solar Auxilia Infantry Transfer Sheet containing 152 high-quality waterslide transfers. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly

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