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Objective Set: Pariah Nexus

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Objective Set: Pariah Nexus



A set of six objective marker discs, including the 3″ scoring distance.

Streamlined design makes it simple to see who contests and controls each objective.

Each objective lays flat on your gaming board, with a textured base to reduce slipping.

This set of six flat discs makes it simple to show not only the objectives of the mission, but also the scoring area to contest them. Each lays flat, with a textured finish on the bottom to prevent them from slipping, with unique artwork representing a tactical command overlay. The center is a standard 40mm, with a 3″” circle around the outside. Simply lay them out on the board before the game begins for a streamlined, crystal clear gaming experience.

You’ll need a copy of the Warhammer 40,000 Core Rules, available separately, to use the contents of this set.

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