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Krootox Rampagers

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T’au Empire: Krootox Rampagers



Three Krootox Rampagers, line-breaking alien cavalry for your T’au Empire army.

Hurtle towards the enemy in a crushing wall of muscle, blades, and javelins.

Soften up tough targets for Kroot hunters, or harrass flanks and disrupt enemy plans.

This multipart plastic kit builds three Krootox Rampagers, belligerent Kroot kin-beasts ridden into battle by daring alien warriors. The Kroot riders strike out from atop their steeds with pistols and long-handled blades, as well as quivers full of vicious hunting javelins. The Krootox themselves bound forward on muscular arms, trampling into enemies with prodigious strength and bellowing mass.

You’ll also find several cosmetic build options to help mix up your Rampager packs – including interchangeable heads and different weapon arms for the Kroot warriors, as well as plenty of accessories like grenades, knives, and armour plates to hang from both kin-beasts and riders.

This kit comprises 77 plastic components and Citadel 3x 50mm Round Bases. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly

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