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Codex: Chaos Space Marines

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Codex: Chaos Space Marines



An infernal tome to harness the Heretic Astartes in Warhammer 40,000

160 pages of macabre art, rules, riveting background material, and epic photography to inspire you

Includes Combat Patrol and Crusade rules, 48 datasheets, eight Detachments, and more

Codex: Chaos Space Marines is an essential tome for building and painting a collection of Heretic Astartes, and using them in games of Warhammer 40,000. Inside this book you’ll find an infernal hoard of inspirational background material and art to inspire you, along with rules for waging your own galactic war with narrative Crusade campaigns, skirmish-sized Combat Patrol games, and plenty of rules for matched play games. This grimoire is also packed with photography to evoke the horror of facing down this terrible foe, as well as more detailed examples of single miniatures.

Inside this 160-page hardback book, you’ll find:
– Background material about the many hosts of Chaos Space Marines, including some of the most notorious warlords of the Black Legion
– Macabre artwork revealing the horrible truth of these infernal soldiers at war, including their daemonic allies and insane, gibbering cultists
– 48 datasheets detailing each unit, including their wargear, profiles, and unique abilities, from nightmare Spawn to immortal Daemon Princes
– A massive eight themed Detachments, each with their own detachments rules, Enhancements and Stratagems
– Crusade rules to lead your warband on a furious campaign to seek the favour of the Dark Gods
– Combat Patrol rules to use Zarkan’s Daemonkin in fast-paced skirmish games
– An ‘Easy Metal showcase of stunning Citadel miniatures from the incredible Chaos Space Marines range

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