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Chaos Space Marines Battleforce: Dread Talons

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Chaos Space Marines Battleforce: Dread Talons



A powerful and aggressive starter army or expansion force for your Chaos Space Marines

A core selection of 35 multipart plastic miniatures

Save money compared to buying the contents individually

This Chaos Space Marines Battleforce builds a massive army, led by a Chaos Lord with a Jump Pack, available here for the first time. He leads a contingent of Raptors, while a host of mortal cultists takes objectives, bogs down the enemy, and finishes off weakened units. A mighty Daemon Prince lends his considerable power wherever it’s needed, rounding out a very versatile force. If you want to start a new Chaos Space Marines army, and you want them to be fast and hard-hitting, look no further. If you’re adding to an existing collection, you’ll find plenty of use for these units – either way, you’ll save money over buying each kit individually.

This set includes the following multipart plastic models:
– 1x Chaos Lord with Jump Pack
– 1x Daemon Prince
– 10x Raptors (which can also be built as Dark Talons)
– 5x Dark Commune
– 10x Chaos Cultists
– 8x Accursed Cultists
– 5x Chaos Space Marines transfer sheets

All models come with their appropriate bases and transfer sheets. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly

The Chaos Lord with Jump Pack will be available separately at a later date. The other miniatures in this box are available separately.

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