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Oil Additive – 75ml Artists White Spirit V1

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Winsor & Newton: Oil Additive – 75ml Artists White Spirit V1


An efficient solvent that is less hazardous than Distilled Turpentine, with a slightly slower drying time. Artists’ White Spirit is a petroleum distillate. It makes a leaner mixture with the colour and evaporates quickly.
It can be used to clean brushes and to create your own painting mediums as well as remove varnishes in preparation for re-varnishing (does not remove Dammar Varnish).
Suitable for oil & alkyd colour.
Does not deteriorate on storage.

Tip: Although Artists’ White Spirit is less hazardous than Distilled Turpentine, use with caution and dispose of responsibly.

*Manager’s note: Artist white spirit is ideal for making oil washes and thinning oil paint for your diorama and models, we stock different volumes incase you make a lot of oil washes (1L) or if you don’t often or are simply trying out oil paints or washes (75ml), also if you use oil paints for painting models, miniatures or artwork, this product is a must for cleaning and tidying up over painting or removing any oil paint you wish to change and cleaning your tools and brushes.

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