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Clay Shapers – Color Shapers SIZE 0 – Black Firm

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Clay Shapers – Color Shapers SIZE 0 – Black Firm


Silicone Brushes – Colour Shapers BLACK are excellent tools to sculpt and add incredible effects when modeling and sculpting with different putties, clays, and fimo. They are somewhere between a brush, a palette knife, a modeling tool, and your fingers. Easy to clean and long-lasting. Non-absorbent.

This clay shaper set is the firm version of the black silicone brushes. They would be twice as hard as normal white brushes, and half than extra firm.

This set comes with 5 different brushes with 5 different tips with 6mm length by 3 mm width – SIZE #0

Each brush in the offered sizes has different uses depending on the putty we want to use. Nevertheless, Green Stuff World recommends using White tip brushes for soft putties, and SIZE #2 for harder materials such as Green Stuff, and Super Sculpey Firm among others. This is a question of taste and preferences, but in the end, and as your sculpting skills get better you will finally end up having 1 set of each.

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