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Martian Fluor Tufts – Fluor Wildfire Green

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Green Stuff World: Martian Fluor Tufts – Fluorescent Wildfire Green


Decorate your sci-fi and magical themes bases or dioramas with these unique bright fluorescent martian tufts to make them look like they are in a distant galaxy.
Choose the most appropriate color from the extensive Martian Botanics collection based on the extreme neon color combination. These alien bushes, in addition to the intensity of color in the normal state, also react with ultraviolet light.
For placement, just take the grass tufts out of the package using tweezers and fix them with their self-adhesive sticky bases. Although self-adhesive, a dab of glue may be required to apply to some surfaces for a permanent fix.

Fiber Size: 6mm high
Sheet size: 7x14cm
Content: 75 martian tufts

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