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Lazarus: Enmitys Edge (HB)

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Lazarus: Enmitys Edge (HB)


A secret-filled Warhammer 40,000 novel starring the Dark Angels

Lazarus’ Fifth Company of Dark Angels uncover an ancient evil on the Knight world of Reis

Written by Gary Kloster

A Warhammer 40,000 Novel

Across the warp storms of the Great Rift, a distress beacon calls for aid. The Rock is listening, for the Dark Angels have only their oaths to remind them of who they are.


See what happens when the Dark Angels encounter a planet that might have even more secrets than they do! Can Master Lazarus cope with discovering what it really means to be defined by your oaths?


Supreme Grand Master Azrael summons Lazarus and his Fifth Company to honour an old debt on the Knight world of Reis – a planet upon which the warp has set its hungry gaze.

But Lazarus is not so sure Reis wants to be saved – its Knights are long lost, its governance is dogged by political strife, and internecine conflict hampers the world’s defence against an ancient evil. ­An evil which, like Lazarus himself, refuses to die.

Written by Gary Kloster.

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