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  • Engineering Sector Engineering Sector

    Engineering Sector

    This pack contains everything you need to upgrade your sci-fi gaming table with an engine room or refinery. It includes a raised platform, blast shields for cover and a six-legged cargo robot. The set is compatible with any of the Battle Systems Sci-fi...

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  • Gothic Ruins Gothic Ruins

    Gothic Ruins

    In the far reaches of the galaxy lay grim war-torn settlements, shadowy planetary bases and disused space stations. They resemble the gothic buildings of old, societal and technological remnants of a darker age. This box contains everything you need to...

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  • Particle Transmitter Particle Transmitter

    Particle Transmitter

    This pack upgrades your sci-fi gaming table with a particle transmitter or teleporter. It is perfect for beaming characters off-planet for a quick escape, and the base is reversible with two colour options. The set is compatible with any of the Battle...

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  • Ancient Portal

    Ancient Portal

    This pack upgrades your gaming table with a mystical gate. The set includes a runic console and creeping vines, and adds a new dimension to your games. The vortex in the centre is removable. The pieces are compatible with the rest of the Battle Systems...

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  • Wizard’s Tower Wizard’s Tower

    Wizard's Tower

    Wizards and warlocks are not confined by the laws of physics when constructing their homes. These magical towers are often impossibly high, unusually shaped, and without any conventional entrance – perfect for performing clandestine arcane rituals...

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  • Chapel Chapel


    Often the tallest and grandest building in a village, the chapel is a place of worship and sanctuary for the locals. The spacious hall is home to many town gatherings and the bell tower can be used as a sniping post in tough times. This box contains...

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  • Graveyard


    This pack upgrades your gaming table with a spooky graveyard. It includes an imposing central mausoleum, wrought iron fencing, and a variety of headstones, sarcophagi and useful scatter terrain to add immersion to your board. The pieces are compatible...

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